City bus to coach bus to smaller coach bus to shuttle bus. A day of buses and gorgeous country side!



Despite what you may have assumed, I was actually able to stay awake for most of the journey. We went through pasture (finally some sheep!), rain forest, mountains and flats, and finally our destination – the beach.

90 Mile Beach.

The hostel we’re staying at is aptly named Endless Summer, and is located in Ahipara (Ahh-hee-para?), which is one of the most northern towns. We’re right on the beach, and the building is one of the oldest in the area.

We’ve headed to the far North in search of warmer weather, and we’ve found it! Last night was a lovely 16C (compared to 2C in Auckland). The warmer weather is partly due to how north we are, and partly due to luck in getting some northerly winds this week… hopefully it will stick.

Yesterday we headed out with three other people staying at the hostel, Bobby, Natalie, and Jenny. They’ve got a truck, so we all piled in and headed up the 90 Mile Beach, which is a registered highway, for Cape Reinga and the sand dunes.

90 Mile Beach

90 Mile Beach

They’re little truck did a great job of getting us up the river to the sand dunes! The dunes were massive and just seemed to pop up out of nowhere! Sledding down them was a blast, and the hike up to the top was a work out to say the least. I’ll be digging sand out of my ears for weeks!

It's steeper then it looks!

It's steeper then it looks!

Me and my sand sled

Me and my sand sled

From the dunes we headed out to Cape Reinga, which is the most northern tip of New Zealand. Back on the main road, we were first on scene to a car crash. Luckily, both passengers were fine just a little shaken up. The car had rolled and landed on the embankment. There was no cell phone service where we were, so we drove up the road a little ways to a farm house, and made sure they were able to call the tow truck and the police.

We all piled back into the truck, and got to Cape Reinga safe and sound. We were so lucky because there was no one else there! CCape Reinga is also where the Pacific and Tasman Sea meet. This was really neat to see because the water was really calm everywhere except for this very distinct line of rough water and whirlpools.

The lighthouse at Cape Reinga

The lighthouse at Cape Reinga

On the way home we stopped for some fresh fish and chips and we all managed to WAIT until we got back to the hostel to dive in. Miranda’s face when she tasted the NZ Ketchup was priceless – it’s not the same as at home. 🙂 Too exhausted to cook, it was the perfect end to a great day!



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