City Chickens for Vancouver

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This evening Legalizing Backyard Hens was on the list of motions on the City Council meeting agenda, but I’ve heard through the grape vine (and a reputable source) that the vote will actually happen on Thursday March 5th.

We’re down to the wire folks – if you support an amendment to the current Animal Control By-law that will legalize keeping hens in our backyards, please email your support to

Vancouver media has picked up on the City Chickens by-law in recent weeks. CBC interviewed Heather Jarvey, who is already illegally raising two hens in her backyard.

“Vancouver is one of those communities claiming to be very sustainable and green,” Jarvey said. “What’s more sustainable and green than having a chicken in your backyard that gives you healthy, practically free protein?”

Jarvey scorns charges that chickens are loud and dirty, countering that hens, unlike roosters, make little noise. She added that chickens produce much less waste than dogs or cats, and their manure can be composted… read more.

Almost every time I go visit my Mom, she has the newest rendition of the PERFECT chicken coop design. Although she doesn’t live within Vancouver, so the by-law won’t apply, I find her Swiss-army to gypsy caravan style chicken coop designs inspiring…. I could imagine them all in the back yards of my neighbourhood.

To support the City Chickens:

  1. email
  2. Go to the City Council meeting on Thursday March 5th.
  3. Make a brief address to the Council about the by-law at Thursday’s meeting (please sign-up).
  4. Join the Chickens in Vancouver Facebook group.

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