Mojave Going Green

I connected with Paul of Mojave on Twitter. He heard about the NoTankers Loonie campaign, and thought it was really cool. After watching the video clips about the campaign he was even more shocked by what could happen to our coasts if oil tanker traffic is allowed to proceed, and wanted to support the NoTanker loonies to help stop them. SO, we’re going to be giving out decals at Mojave’s show at the Roxy on Tuesday night (Feb 10).

“Mojave is an acoustic duo formed in 2007 from rock roots that now combines folk and classical elements, including the violin in their live shows. Their first album, Stories, was released digitally in order to save on wasteful packaging and tours that have taken them across the border and back have been offset through Tree Canada.

On top of encouraging sustainable lifestyles, the band also donates a portion of their profits to 1% for the Planet and will support a Dogwood“, during their next show February 10th in Vancouver at The Roxy for “Indie Night in Canada“. … read more.

The NoTanker loonies have been picking up a lot of media attention! Despite the fact that the Royal Canadian Mint has sent a cease and desist order, we’re still moving forward.

“We have been very careful not to deface any coins,” said Campbell. “The Notanker decals can be removed by a flick of the finger and the loonies brought back to their former selves. The same can’t be said of an oil spill on our coast. In a world facing huge risks from global warming the risk of legal sanctions for blackening loonies with oil spill decals seems minor.” ... read more.

See you on Tuesday @ the Roxy!


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  1. awesome, thanks for the post! see you on tues. we’ve already got a bunch of notankers decals on our loonies. can’t wait to see more around vancouver.

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