The Element Settlement

The Periodic Table of Elements go to the Disco

Hands down, my favourite high-school science class video. Since when do elements go to the Disco, and Florine is a Cinderella? I’ve cut out the ‘learning’ part in the video clips below because it’s quite dry – the fun part is in the Element Settlement! The first time I saw this, in grade 8, I thought it was funny because it’s so ridiculous – at the time I didn’t understand half the ‘science’ jokes. Now I think it’s hilarious because I actually understand what they’re trying to teach. If you’ve got a good sense of humor and know the basics of the periodic table, electron shells, and bonding then you should get a kick out of these. Here is the link to the full video. I’m still giggling…


Part I

Part II

Part II


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One response to “The Element Settlement

  1. the Rizz

    haha thanks for the link…i saw this in highschool aswell and thought it was just hilarious and id been wanting to see it ever since. It’s so funny hehehe.

    So will it really be continued?? lol

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