The Green Table Network

Vancouver based organization that helps restaurants “go green”


I’m really excited that the Green Table Network (GTN) has donated a one-year membership to Sushi Bento Express for winning the PodMob. The membership will provide the folks at Sushi Bento Express with tools and guidelines for greening their restaurant that are based on local and international standards, and tailored specifically for restaurants.The GTN provides guidance on solid waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, pollution prevention, and purchasing. They’ll also get access to advice and support from GTN Green Experts, a network of wicked local suppliers that have greened their own operations and products.

From what I understand, the membership that Sushi Bento Express is receiving will not qualify them as “green,” and they’ll have to meet specific criteria to be publicly listed as a GTN Approved Member. They’ll be able to use the assessment tools that GTN provides or hire an auditor to determine what changes need to be made and create an action plan.

The minimum requirements met by GTN Approved Members are:

1. Eliminated Styrofoam and non recyclable plastics

2. implemented container and paper recycling programs

3. Installed low-flow spray nozzles on all dish/cleaning sinks

4. Posted “turn it off” light and faucet reminders

5. Retro-fit current incandescent lighting to energy efficient technologies

6. Purchased 30-100% pcf paper products (choose at lease 2: bathroom tissue paper, towels, napkins, office paper, menus, business cards)

7. Have created a Sustainable Purchasing Policy

8. Chosen 1 protein with an organic/sustainable/ethical source

If Sushi Bento Express meets all these criteria, they’ll be listed publicly as a GTN Approved Member, and then audited annually to ensure that they’re keeping up with their green initiatives.

The combined waste, water, and energy savings of all 65 operators signed on with the GTN is impressive!

  • 285 tonnes of solid waste diverted
  • 76.5 million litres of water reduced
  • 159,310 kW electricity reduced
  • 12770 GJ natural gas reduced
  • $110,173 operating cost savings

With everyone’s support this Thursday, I think we’ll give Sushi Bento Express plenty of incentive to go for GTN Aproved Member status!

– PodMob – Thursday Nov 20, 2008 –

-Party & Prizes between 6pm – 9pm –

– 1258 Robson Street (between Jervis & Bute) –

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