Canadian Politics Explained by Worms

Last night I was in the audience for CBC’s “The X Challenge” debate on environment. Four candidates were on the stage to debate questions asked by self-described “necessary polluters” in the audience.

At one point, one of the greener audience members asked a questions that involved mentioning his worm composting bin. The host had never heard of such a thing, and the best moment in the entire debate was when he turned to the candidates and asked them if they knew what a worm bin was. Their responses:

Adriane Carr –  the Green Party: “Of course I know what worm composting is! It’s a great way to produce fertilizer for your garden from kitchen scraps.”

Ujjal Dosanjh – the Liberals: “I knew about them, but I don’t have one.”

Michael Byers – the NDP: “We’ve got a compost bin in the back yard, and the worms find their own way there.”

Lorne Mayencourt – the Conservatives: “Didn’t have a clue.”

A lot of my friends have asked me to explain the difference between Canada’s political parties, and I think this is the example that I’m going to use from now on!

To get your own worm bin… start here.

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